Advertise with Us is designed to inspire travelers to pick a destination - and our advertising lets you get to them just as they make that selection and move into the planning phase.

Our placements are designed to allow travel businesses to reach a targeted audience of focused travel-planners, whether in one destination or across the entire globe (or anywhere in between).  We focus on the most simple, basic and effective of all native advertising - text links.  Melded into the destination content, these are highly visible, extremely targeted, and (most-of-all) relevent, driving the needed.

We offer these placements in 13 categories that make our CPC text placements maximally cost and marketing effective.  Each category has only a maximum of 6 advertisers available, and placement is on a first come, first serve basis.  Advertisers can select the placement categories that are most relevent to them:

Where to Stay

Placements for hotels, motels, resorts, inns, bed and breakfasts, home rentals, OTA's, and lodging aggregators.

Getting Here

For airlines, trip-packagers, OTA's, group tour operators, and travel agents.

Getting Around

For car rental and local transportation.


Local things to do and experiences, including museums, water parks, amusement parks, casinos, events, etc. 

Arts and Entertainment

Performances, venues, nightlife, theatre, art galleries, museums, etc.

Food and Drink

Restaurants, bakeries, sweets, cafes, breweries, micro-breweries, vineyards, distilleries, agri-tourism


Historic sites, museums, walking tourism, monuments, memorials

Science and Nature

Museums, zoos, aquariums, parks, natural phenomena, tours, etc.


Malls, outlets, gift shops, independent stores


Adventure experiences, sports, parks, guided tours, etc.

On the Water

Water adventure, water tours, cruises, boat rentals, etc.


Group tours, walking tours, bus tours, boat toars, bus tours, niche tours, etc.

Health and Wellness

Spas, yoga, fitness centers, health clinics, pharmacies, etc.


The cost:  For calendar 2019, we are offering our introductory flat rates:


$50 USD flat rate for 1 year per listing (for multiple destinations or categories each individual destination or category is considered one listing).



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