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Horse Safaris in Shekhawati Rajasthan - India

Horse Safaris in Shekhawati Rajasthan - India
            I  have been a horse rider all my life. Our  family has reared Marwari breed of horses for generations.  I have been leading small groups of French,Germans,Italians,Mexicans and Brazilians on three to fifteens days safaris. The safaris include stay in magnificent forts,castles & forts owned & operated by scions of former royal families who were themselves great lovers of horses. The riders do about 20 km a day,passing through colourful villages,shrubby countrside,rivulets and dunes. A jeep laden with beer,beverages and mineral water accompanies the riders. As evening falls tents are pitched for the riders to rest for the night. The evenings are enlivened with folk music,bar-be-cue.drinks and delicious food. The riders thus have an experience of staying both in tents and the heritage properties with great character.The safaris are conducted from  September to March when the climate is ideal for such an activity.Please write to me for details.KV Singhhttps://www.indiaheritageandculturetours.cominfo@indiaheritageandculturetours.comWhatspp :  +919001579317
Horse Safaris in Shekhawati Rajasthan - India | Destination Recommended


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