Variety without borders

Breisach is situated in one of Germany’s warmest and sunniest regions: It is beautifully located on on the banks of the Rhine river, bordering France. A visit to Bresiach is especially convenient because of it's proximity to other countries, and the black forest. A visit to Bresiach provied an opportunity to take a short trip to France, where one can take a day trip and visit the beautiful village of Colmar, which can be reached through car or Bus from Bresiach, of the famous city of Strasbourg, which can also be reached by car or train. A 30 minute drive, train, or bus, leads to Freiburg, one of Germany's most beautfiul cities. This directions also leads you to the well known, Black Forest. A 40 minute drive or train leads to the captivating country of Switzerland. A visit to the stunning city of Basel can also be done in one day.   One of Bresiach's most beautfiul attractions, the Bresiach cathedral, provides a marvellous view that overlooks the Rhine, Vosges mountains to the west, and the Black forest to the east. The view is especially captivating during the summer and spring season, where one can see the rows of grapes being prepared to be turned into local wines. A walk to the top also proveds an opportunity to notice the stunning colors and architecture of the houses and surrounding buildings that make up Breisach.   Regional wines and sparkling wines can be tasted during a visit to either the Geldermann Sektkellerei or the Badischer Winzerkeller (one of    Euripe's largest winieres) which are both located here in Breisach! Late summer is especially desirable in Breisach for wine, as Breisach and other surrounding villages located in the Kaisterstuhl host exciting wine festivals every year. Because of their localy grown grapes, Breisach and the surrounding region have an amazing variety of staple wines that are sure to please anyone who enjoys a good wine.  Aside from it's wine festival, Breisach hosts other fun celebrations throughout the year. Summer provides opportunities to experience open air theatre, festivals, and local markets. In winter, Bresiach's annual Christmas market can be found near the city center, and the late days of Februrary and early days of March, people can be found joyfully celeprating Karnival (or Fastnacht)  Breisach is an excellent destination for those who are lively and enjoy outdoor activities. Biking trails can be biked through Bresiach, into France, and the Kaiserstuhl. The same can be done with hiking, as there are numeros hiking opportunities in the Kaiserstuhl and especially the Black Forest. Swimming during the summer days can be done in one of the regions' lakes that can be found near the Black Forest, Freiburg, or in the well-known lake, Titisee.  Bresiach also provides numerous of exquisite restaurants and cafés where one can authentically taste Germand and Badisch dishes, which of course, cand also be tasted in combination with a proudly and localed produced wine.