WAKUWAKU GUNMA Nature & Adventures

  Located at the north of the Kanto region, Gunma Prefecture is blessed with rich nature as forests cover 60 percent of the prefectural land. You can meet its beautiful sceneries and great experiences by taking only an hour from Tokyo by shinkansen.



  Amidst of the nature, various outdoor activities can be enjoyed; rafting on the clear stream of Tone River and lake canoeing at lakes with mysterious blue water in spring to autumn, and snow activities at mountains covered with wonderful powdery snow in winter.



  What attracts visitors is not only that, but also Onsen, the hot spring. More than 200 onsen areas in the prefecture has flourished in long history. Especially Kusatsu Onsen, one of the three most famous onsen in Japan, welcomes huge amount of visitors who want to soak in its high quality onsen and unique atmosphere as the number one onsen town in Japan.



  Other charms including seasonal fruit picking, local cuisine developed as the producing area of flour, the world heritage site of silk industry are waiting for you to visit and enjoy!