Visiting Ichinomiya, the best way to discover the real rural Japan.

The town of nature, ocean and sun = IchinomiyaIchinomiya is located on the south part of “Kujyukuri” beach area in Chiba prefecture.There is a beach of pacific ocean included “Tsurigasaki” spot the planned surfing competition place of the Olympic games 2020 at the east part of town and satoyama (village forest) at the west part of town.The temperature is not so hot in Summer by the effect of sea breezes and not so cold in Winter so really comfotable!Ichinomiya has a history of the castle town by 13,000 goku (stones ) in Edo era then main industry has been changed to the agriculture. Recently it is also known as a surfing spot.From Tokyo station, it takes just 60 minutes by the limited express train called "Wakashio" so you can enjoy the real rural area of Japan easily here!!