The Pays Messin - history, wine and Mirabelle plums to discover!

Nestling in the hills around Metz are villages with stories to tell and fine products to taste!  A stone’s throw away from the bustling city of Metz, the surrounding villages, or “Pays Messin”, are a breath of fresh country-air.  And if you sniff a little harder, you might smell the delightful bouquet of the AOC Moselle wine, or perhaps the region’s famous Mirabelle Schnapps.  A visit to the vineyards, brasseries and distilleries is a fascinating insight into local artisanal production.

The climate is perfect for gardens and a special treat is in store at Pange Manor and Laquenexy gardens, where you’ll find 15 hectares of plants and flowers, and orchards which are their pride and joy!  At Scy-Chazelles, Robert Schuman’s House and Museum of Europe also has a fabulous garden to enjoy as you get to know the story of the European Union. 

The antique Roman aqueduct at Ars-sur-Moselle and the fortified churches like those in the villages of Vaux, Lessy and Sillegny, help to tell the history of the area.  The Museum of the 1870 War and the Annexation, tells the story of the most famous local battles and the area’s 40-year annexation to Germany, a good starting point for a lager military history tour in the region. 

Visit the Pays Messin by car or by bike, using the V50 cycle path along the river Moselle… however you travel, you’ll enjoy spectacular views over the Moselle river and the city of Metz.


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