Mosel - Faszination Urlaub

The Moselle - One of the most beautiful river landscapes in EuropeTravelling to the Moselland promises exhilaration of many kinds: On th eone side, the best Riesling wines in the world vthrive here as well as other grape varieties such as the distinctive Elbling, which only grow in such a wonderful quality in this region. On the other side, nature really shows off its variety in the Moselle valley with its spectacular loops. The Moselle winds over 545 km - originating with much temperament in the French Vosges - flowing through wild meanders through the slate mountains of the Rhine, a true canyon with often steep terraces, covered in either vineyards or forests. When the “wine pope” Stewart Pigott described the landscape as one of the most beautiful wine growing regions in the world, the Moselle achieved royal status.Its nobility is confirmed with a magnitude of castles and castle ruins located along the river. Some fascinate with their full splendour and glory, such as the Burg Eltz (Castle Eltz) or the Reichsburg (Cochem Castle). Others, evoke romantic images, like the picturesque ruins as the Burg Landshut (Landshut Castle) high above the medieval half-timberes of Bernkastel-Kues, or the Burg Metternich (Metternich Castle) which towers above the alleys that look like perfect film settings, in the little village Beilstein.For these and a thousand more reasons, a holiday in the Moselland is a memorable experience for anyone who wants to indulge their senses far away from everyday life. The feastfor the eyes is complemented with seductive wines and the exquisite regional cuisine. But also high calibre concerts such as the Mosel Musik Festival or the countless wine festivalsoffer a feast for the ears.Hiking and cycling trails, climbing trails or water hiking trails ensure that sports enthusiasts are also catered for everywhere in the Moselland. No matter what guests want to experience on their holidays: The hospitality and joie de vivre of the people of the Moselle is legendary!