Shiga and Lake Biwa - Japan's largest lake

Discover Shiga, Japan Shiga is located almost in the center of Japan.This makes the prefecture easily accessible: just an hour and a half by train from both Kansai International Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport, and just 10 minutes from Kyoto.At the center of Shiga rests Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan and which accounts for no less than a sixth of the prefecture's total size. The lake is also surrounded by verdant mountains, providing the blessings of both water and greenery.Lake Biwa is said to have four million years of history, and the tranquil scenery that comprises the lake and its environs allows visitors to enjoy everything that each brilliant season has to offer. Hisotry of Shiga Shiga is also a transport hub, and has flourished as a center for culture and finance since ancient times. Therefore, even today you can find many historical and cultural assets in the region, closely linked to Japan's proud past. These include the traces of samurai heroes from the turbulent Sengoku period of civil war and townscapes reminiscent of ancient times.Kyoto and Shiga have been center stage in major historical events, and many castles were constructed here. Starting with Hikone-jo Castle, a National Treasure, how about setting out on a journey around the great castles of Shiga? The views to be had across Lake Biwa and the local towns are something else! Shiga's World / Japan Heritage / National Treasure Located close to Kyoto and Nara, Shiga Prefecture has flourished as a key point for travelers since ancient times. Shiga actually boasts more temples and shrines than even Kyoto, and here you'll find an introduction to the many World Heritage sites and National Treasures in the prefecture, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hieizan Enryakuji Temple."Lake Biwa and the Scenery of its Shores - Prayers and Lifestyles, the Heritage of Water." Introducing spots that were designated as "Japan Heritage" in 2015 by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.