Step Back in Time

Visiting historic Virginia City, Nevada, is like stepping into another time. From the wooden board sidewalks to the Victorian-era architecture, this old mining town has a story to tell – and we want you to be a part of it. Virginia City became a boomtown when the Comstock Lode was discovered here in 1859. Seemingly overnight the town became a booming metropolis, one of the largest cities west of the Mississippi. Millions of dollars (billions by today’s standards) of silver and gold ore came from the hills in and around Virginia City. Miners became millionaires overnight.  Silver mined here helped fund the Civil War.Today, the town’s history is still alive and well. Visitors can experience what it was like to live in a mining boomtown with train rides, museums, gold panning, mine tours, old time photos, antique shops, quaint bed and breakfasts and more. Visit to view our stories, meet our characters and plan your stay.

Virginia City