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The Bottom Line: We provide year-long, targeted text link placements in fixed position on our site (they get great click-through rates). All you need to do is give something away. Read on...




About Our Site is the first-ever destination rating and review platform.  Our mission is to inspire people to select and plan their trip to their next destination, while giving every destination a chance to tell its story. Visitors to the site can learn about destinations around the world through user-generated reviews, user ratings (for destinations overall and for specific experiences) and content provided by the official destination marketing organizations.  We strive to support every one of the world’s thousands of  destinations from the largest multi-national region (like the Caribbean or Europe) to the smallest island or village. Our list of over 250 rateable experiences includes the very popular (family travel, dining, attractions, cycling), the very niche (distilleries, ghost-hunting, castles) and everything between.  We are constantly adding to both our list of destinations and our travel experiences.

This is a great opportunity: as it is arranged to be helpful in the trip planning process for our targeted and predisposed audience - making them far more likely to respond than on most sites.

It’s extremely cost-effective: Advertisers pay by giving away a gift certificate, product or service that becomes something we sell to visitors on the site.  There is no other cost of any kind!

And it’s helpful to the industry: contributes 20% of all TripBids monthly sales to a different non-profit organization within or adjacent to the global travel industry!


The Audience

Since first went live in September 2017, our targeted audience of travel planners and enthusiasts has grown to over 30,000 visitors per month (and continues to grow)!  Monthly visitors come from over 100 countries around the world (a vast plurality are from the US) and look at content for thousands of destinations worldwide. At our current rate of growth, the site will host over 250,000 visitors in all of 2019. 

In addition, over 250,000 people each month see our posts about destinations around the world on social media and over 1,600 of them subscribe to our “Weekly Destination Inspiration” newsletter.


Here’s How it Works 

You provide: A gift certificate, product or service with a specific retail value.  It can be for a specific product or service (or a package), but the contribution must not require an additional purchase and it cannot be a discount or coupon.  Examples include admission passes to an attraction, participation in a tour, a dinner for 2, or 3 nights stay at a hotel.

You receive:

  • Each participating business gets at least 1 year-long, targeted text-link listing (1 for each $500 in retail value)
  • For a package contributed by a destination, the destination also receives at least 1 year-long, targeted text-link listing (1 for each $500 in retail value)
  • Added value of creating demand through the online process (many will see, but only one will buy it).
  • Good will for supporting industry non-profits. 


Targeted Text Links

Our advertising opportunity is simple, extremely targeted and a helpful part of the content for site visitors:  Text listings appear on the same destination page alongside user-generated reviews, ratings and official destination partner content, designed to move users through the travel-planning process based on what information they choose to look at next.  

These are text link placements with a header and a two-line description that link to your site like this:


Mos Eisley Decadent Hive Bistro and Bar

Serving Tatooine’s largest city and specializing in diverse alien cuisine with authentic ingredients from around the empire.  Discount for scum and villainy every Tuesday. Thursday is Jedi night!


Each placement is targeted twice - both by destination and in 1 of 15 planning categories, ensuring that people who are the best targets can easily find and respond to your placement.  All placements are fixed, so that everybody looking for the destination you support can see you, and your ad will never appear in the wrong category or outside your target destination. 

Every listing lasts for a year, and there is no limit to how many people can see it or click on the link.   You can change your listing copy as many times as you’d like and as often as you’d like.


The Categories

In addition to the target destination, your ad also needs to find a home in one of 13 categories that best match the nature of your business and the type of visitor you are targeting:

Where to Stay:  Resorts, hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfast, home rentals, OTA’s and lodging aggregators.

Getting Here: Airlines, packagers, tour operators, travel agents and OTA's

Getting Around: Auto rental, local transportation

Attractions: Local things to do and experiences, including museums, parks, amusements, casinos, events, etc.

Arts & Entertainment: Performances, venues, nightlife, theatre, galleries, museums, etc.

Cruises: River, ocean and specialty.

Food & Drink: Restaurants, bakeries, sweets, cafes, food tours, food classes, breweries, micro-breweries, vineyards, wineries, distilleries, agri-tourism

History: Historic sites, museums, walking tours, monuments, memorials, etc.

Science & Nature: Museums, zoos, aquariums, nature centers, parks, natural phenomena, tours, etc.

Shopping: Crafts, malls, outlets, gift shops, specialty stores.

Outdoors: Adventure experiences, equipment rental, guided tours, parks, etc.

On the Water: Water adventure, boating, diving, snorkeling, equipment rental, charter fishing, whalewatching, etc.

Packages:  For travel agents, tour operators and OTA's

Tours: Guided tours, walking tours, boat tours, bus tours, air tours, specialty tours, etc.

Health & Wellness: Spas, fitness, yoga, health clinics, pharmacies

Destinations Nearby: For destinations

Destinations Like This: For destinations


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