Calling All Travel Influencers! Rolls Out a Free Partnership Program has announced a special, free partnership for those who create digital travel content online:  Come and write a review for any destination, and they can use that review to promote their own travel blog, YouTube channel or social network account!  Partners will have to be registered in their own category, but there is no cost requirement or anything beyond the requirement that they review the destination, and then promote their own content platform with a link to it at the end.  Once they are registered, partners will receive instructions on how to include their promotional links within the review content.

In addition to being able to create these reviews that include promotional content, these particular partners will also be able to rate destinations overall and specific experiences at individual destinations.  While these two options won't feature the promotional opportunity, they are fun to do, and can highlight a particular niche or area of travel expertise.  There is no limit to the number of destinations each partner can review, and travel writers that support absolutely every travel niche are encouraged to participate.  Any partner reviews will remain on the site indefinitely, creating a permanent promotional placement.

DestinationRecommended founder, Jim Brody, is looking to encourage as many of these travel influencer partnerships as possible as a way to further advance the core mission of inspiring travelers by telling every destination's story.

"I know many in the travel industry are concerned that we are oversaturated with travel bloggers, Instagramers and YouTubers, but I see this as an amazing opportunity.  Given all of the different areas of expertise and interest that they cover, it means we can enhance how our audience sees destinations' stories, better highlight even the smallest and least-known destinations, increase how these stories are told and enriched, and all while giving very talented people a chance to promote their content on our site," Brody commented.

Influencer reviews and ratings will be listed and displayed alongside the rest of the user-generated content with no differentiation, allowing the headlines and the content to appeal to the audience as they should.

Those interested in the Free Influencer Partnership are encouraged to visit the site's "Contact Us" page or email Jim directly at


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