Launches the First-Of-Its-Kind, Cost-Free Advertising Opportunity for the Travel Industry has launched a new, ground-breaking marketing program for the travel industry:  Cost-Free Advertising.  Advertisers can get year-long, targeted text links (both by destination and category) in fixed position across the site.  In return, all the advertisers need to do is give something away.  There is no cash cost or additional charge of any kind.  There are 17 categories that can support just about every business or organization looking to message to travelers, and can be targeted to any destination. will take these giveaways, and put them up for bid on TripBids, our new auction section (and that's how we make our money).  All bid items start at 50% off the retail value, and bidding is free for all users (they just need to register so we have an email to reach them if they win the bid).  In addition, 20% of all the revenue from the auction items will be donated each month to a different non-profit organization supporting the travel industry.  20% of our first-month's revenue will be donated to the CTO Scholarship Foundation.  The second month will support Travel Unity.  

According to founder Jim Brody, "this entire revenue model is an expansion of our core mission on so many levels.  We can continue to offer more targeted and effective opportunities to destinations without dipping into their often-limited cash budgets, and - in turn - be supportive with an equally affordable opportunity for the millions of small businesses and organizations that represent the backbone of the tourism industry, including those in-destination and those that get you there.   The TripBids auction works to further inspire travelers to look at new destinations.  And - finally - we've been able to expand this dedication to the industry in support of the non-profit organizations that play such meaningful and pivotal roles in growing and supporting travel and tourism around the world.  In this way, we're not just making some money - we're actually having a meaningful impact!" is the first-ever comprehensive destination rating and review platform.  Our mission is to help travelers pick their next destination, while giving every destination a chance to tell its story.  Visitors to the site can rate and review their visit to a destination overall, as well as rating and adding a "1 word review" for over 200 specific travel experiences.  In addition to the new cost-free advertising opportunity, official destination marketing organizations are also welcome to partner for free by uploading content that tells their story.  There are currently over 200 partner destinations, and the site gets over 30,000 visitors every month from over 100 countries worldwide.




For more information contact:

Jim Brody


Phone: +1 401 203 8424