Rolls Out Its Visitors' Choice For Top Ranked Destinations in 2018

Who do our visitors love? has announced its global list of Top 10 Destinations for 2018 - as selected by its visitors.  Lists include a worldwide Top 10s (one for countries and one for local/regional destinations), as well as similar lists for regions (Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacifica, Central & South America, Middle East, Caribbean, US and Canada). Rankings are based purely on the traffic created by over 85,000 visitors throughout the last year to the pages for more than 7,000 destinations.  There were no editorial decisions creating or ordering the lists. 

The top-ranked destinations in each category are:

#1 Country Worldwide:  Fiji

#1 Regional/Local Destination Worldwide:  Cap Corse, Corsica, France

#1 Country in Europe:  Sweden

#1 Regional/Local Destination in Europe:  Cap Corse, Corsica, France

#1 Destination in the Caribbean:  St. Kitts and Nevis

#1 Destination in the US:  Kauai, HI

#1 Destination in Canada:  Edmundston, NB

#1 Country in Africa:  Ethiopia

#1 Regional/Local Destination in Africa:  Fort Portal, Uganda

#1 Country in Asia:  Azerbaijan

#1 Regional/Local Destination in Asia:  Ilam, Nepal

#1 Destination in Pacific:  Fiji

#1 Country in Central and South America:  Bolivia

#1 Regional/Local Destination in Central and South America:  Chiapas, Mexico

#1 Destination in the Middle East:  Bahrain

All of the Top 10 Lists can be viewed in their entirety at

DestinationRecommended founder, Jim Brody, was impressed by the lists' diversity.

"There are many destinations listed here that predictably make lot of lists, but they are balanced out by some real surprises.  The audience as a whole clearly knows what makes an enjoyable vacation for them - and isn't bounded when it comes to that inspiration. These destinations are truly an eclectic group, and I congratulate the tourism industries and official destination marketing organizations working on behalf of all of them," Brody commented. is the first-ever comprehensive destination rating and review platform.  Our mission is to help people pick their next destination while giving every destination a chance to tell its story. Visitors to the site can rate and review their visit to a destination overall, as well as rating and adding a "1 word review" for over 200 specific travel experiences.  Official destination marketing organizations are also welcome to partner and upload content that tells their story (photos, text, contact info, links, etc.) at no charge to round out the information available for visitors looking at those destinations. 


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