Out Here

Disappear to Bermuda, where the only mystery is why you’d ever want to be found. Walk along the island’s legendary beaches, where blushing pink sands meet crystal-clear turquoise waters. And it’s no wonder the island is a hotspot for outdoor adventure – whether you’re cliff jumping at Royal Admiralty Park, biking on the scenic Old Railway Trail, or descending into an ancient limestone cave. Bermuda is famous as a world-class diving venue year-round. The crystal-clear waters make the underwater realm of colourful coral and sunken ships every bit as accessible as the land above it. Discovered in 1609 by a crew of castaways, Bermuda is rich with history, including the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where winding cobblestone streets and historic sites take travellers back in time. After some time on the water, indulge in the island’s booming food and drink scene, where innovative chefs and mixologists put fresh spins on classics such as fish chowder and the Dark ‘n Stormy®, Bermuda’s signature cocktail. It’s all closer than you think: Bermuda lies just 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina and is easily reached in two hours or less from the East Coast cities of New York, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, NC. It’s two and a half hours from Atlanta and Toronto and seven hours from London, England. Get in on the mystery at GoToBermuda.com.