Unique & Unspoilt

Unique, Unspoilt & Undiscovered

Get well and truly off the beaten track and dare to dream!

Lying between the southern cities of Dunedin and Invercargill is Clutha - New Zealand’s hidden gem.

This part of world famous Otago is all about stunning scenery, wonderful wildlife, heritage and history.

The southern scenic route sweeps down to “the Catlins”, where rainforest meets the sea in a unique and unspoilt eco destination;

“an extraordinary enchanting world of waterfalls, coastal cliffs, beautiful beaches, bush and birdsong where penguins, fur seals, dolphins and sea lions frolic in the surf.”

The triple tiered Purakaunui falls could have been plucked from the pages of a fairytale, panoramic views exhilarate at Nugget Point and you will be amazed by the acoustics of Cathedral Caves.

Further north charming Lawrence is the true heart of the region’s gold rush heritage and the start of the Clutha Cycle Trail. The air still crackles with that pioneer spirit.

Let’s not forget endless star studded skies, auroras, internationally renowned wetlands and whale fossils by the most inland tidal lake.


Oh and there is the oldest public punt in the southern hemisphere, which runs daily and is a free ferry!