Right Now in Curacao

When choosing a Caribbean destination for an outdoor adventure, it’s easy to think that one island is just like any other. But with more than 35 captivating cove beaches, a diverse heritage spanning 55 different cultures, a “live and let live” attitude, and unrivaled traditional European architecture, Curaçao sets itself apart from the rest of the Caribbean.  Ideal for insatiable curiosities, this Southern Caribbean island destination offers a rugged terrain as the perfect backdrop for all types of travelers: adventure seekers, beach bums, divers, history buffs, epicureans and modern city explorers.A UNESCO World Heritage City is a rare gem in the Caribbean – but with the history and culture you’d expect from a European capital, Willemstad has more than earned the title. Of all the exciting things to do right now in Curaçao, Willemstad itself may offer the most unique experience in the region. The capital’s Dutch colonial ancestry is evident at every turn, most notably in Punda’s kaleidoscopic, sherbet-colored architecture, which you won’t find anywhere else outside of the Netherlands. When not exploring Willemstad, visitors can continue to broaden their horizons by divingand snorkeling at more than 60 dive sites around the island or by satisfying their taste buds at a wide variety of sidewalk cafés, gourmet restaurants, local eateries and markets. Perfect for those seeking the warmth of a Caribbean vacation with added European flair, culture, delicious cuisine, and history; it’s all happening Right Now in Curaçao.