It's In Queens

Diverse, exciting, historic, trendy, a great place for families…welcome to Queens! We hail from more than 120 countries and speak more than 135 languages. This global reach is on full display in our neighborhoods, cultural institutions, restaurants, and sporting and entertainment venues. From world class museums, tranquil parks, and historic homes to surfing, tennis, gaming, and shopping, Queens is truly one of today’s most fun-filled tourism destinations. As a borough of unique neighborhoods, visitors can explore Long Island City, our fastest-growing urban center, bustling with energy that includes new parks, shops, luxury apartment buildings, comedy clubs, and restaurants. Flushing, one the country’s most historical districts, has opened its arms to immigrants since the 1600s and still does today as the Eastern Seaboard’s largest Asian business and residential community. Jamaica is a multi-cultural crossroads, where recreational, entertainment, and shopping opportunities mix happily.  But don’t listen to us. Lonely Planet, an internationally renowned travel media company, selected Queens as the best tourism destination in the United States in 2015. Read about it here:



Experiencing the World in Queens

For over 30 years we have made Queens our home and consequently we have experienced food from around the world, shopped next to tourists from more