Never the same. Always San Francisco.

Why do people visit San Francisco?The sights and scenery. The one-of-a-kind events and world-class food. The welcoming people, the diversity and rich history.It is for all these reasons and others, of course. But perhaps, more importantly, it has to do with the fact that no other city is as adept at combining disparate elements to create something new: taking the familiar and marrying it to the unknown; merging people’s expectations to moments of unpredictability; uniting long-held notions to startling innovations.Clearly, the attraction of San Francisco is not any one thing, but the combination of many different things. As an organization, we see the city in its entirety—through the eyes of the people who live here, the people who love it and the people who love to come here. And as proud as we are to help people arrange their visits to San Francisco, we see our mission in even broader scope: We believe our true value lies not just in our ability to sell our city but in our role as curators of the most interesting 49 square miles on the planet.We are the San Francisco Travel Association. And we are the window to the City by the Bay.

San Francisco