Untamed Natural Wilderness

You can expect things to be different on the West Coast, New Zealand – more real, bigger than anticipated, greater than youthought.  Our trees are skyscrapers that touch the sky, our rivers and lakes are the best New Zealand has to offer and our attractionsare authentic.  Get your wanderlust on by searching #westcoastnz and soon you’ll be sharing your own snaps. Famed for its record rainfall, but with sunny days so crisp and clear you will be pinching yourself, there are attractions here for every type of visitor, even the discerning ones So if you yearn for something more from your holiday, real people, real towns and real experiences, then this is the place for you.  Be prepared to be astounded, have your breath taken away, be at a loss for words, as this is the West Coast.  This is - Untamed Natural Wilderness.

West Coast


Untamed West Coast

The West Coast is a must do when coming to New Zealand, it is the epitome of the scenic beauty hat everyone comes to New Zealand for. Must Do...read more