Press Release List Rolls Out Its Visitors' Choice For Top Ranked Destinations in 2018

Who do our visitors love? has announced its global list of Top 10 Destinations for 2018 - as selected by its visitors.  Lists include a worldwide Top 10s (one for countries and one for local/regional destinations), as well as similar lists for regions (Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacifica, Central & South America, Middle East, Caribbean, US and Canada). Rankings are based purely on the traffic created by over 85,000 visitors throughout the last year to the pages for more than 7,000 destinations. 

Calling All Travel Influencers! Rolls Out a Free Partnership Program has announced a special, free partnership for those who create digital travel content online:  Come and write a review for any destination, and they can use that review to promote their own travel blog, YouTube channel or social network account!  Partners will have to be registered in their own category, but there is no cost requirement or anything beyond the requirement that they review the destination, and then promote their own content platform with a link to it at the end.  Once they are registered, partners will receive instructions on how to include their pr In Open Beta, the first-ever destination review and ratings site, is now in open beta.  With the mission of "inspiring people to choose their next destination, while giving every destination a chance to tell its story," people can now register, and rate and post reviews of the destinations they've visited, as well as the experiences they've had there.  User registration is free, and required to rate a destination and write an overall review.  Destination experience "1-Word Reviews" and ratings are open to all users - register