User Registration Info FAQ's

Why would I become a registered user?

If you want to review and rate any destination, you need to become a registered user (you don't to rate experiences).  It's free, quick and easy, and your account can be activated instantly.  Registered users also get our weekly email newsletter - Weekly Destination Inspiration - to get you excited about destinations you might not be thinking about or maybe haven't even heard about.

What do I need to do to register?

All you'll need to register is a working email address, a user name and a password.  You tell us what you want for a user name, type in your email, and then we'll email you back right away so you can set your password, log in and start reviewing places right away!

What does it cost me?

Zip.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zero.  Registration is absolutely, 100% free.

What is our privacy policy? 

We take your email address (and only your email address) so we can verify and stay in touch with you as a registered user.  The only thing that viewers to the site will see alongside your reviews will be your user name.  That's it. will not share, sell or give away its list of registered users and any personal information attached to any other person, business or organization at any time. Period.

What is Weekly Destination Inspiration?

Weekly Destination Inspiration is our weekly newsletter, designed and sent to you with ideas and information about destinations all over the world.  If you've been to them, we hope you'll log in and review the destination and your experiences there.  If you haven't - well, here's your chance to learn all about them!

How do I register as an official Destination Marketing Organization?

DMO's worldwide are invited to become free partners and participate by adding their official information to the user reviews and ratings.  We register these organizations seperately.  Click here to visit our Destinations page for more information.