TripBids FAQs

TripBids FAQs


What is TripBids?

TripBids is the new auction site on, where registered users can bid on a variety of gift certificates, services, packages and experiences from destinations all over the world.

How can I find TripBids on the website?

TripBids is very easy to get to:  Just click on the "TripBids" tab on the NavBar on every page.

Does it cost anything to bid?

No.  Bidding is free, and you can bid as many times as you want, and on as many items as you'd like.  If you get the highest bid when the auction is over, you'll be sent an invoice to pay for that item.

Do I need to register to bid?

Yes.  You can browse without logging in, but if you want to submit a bid, you need to register and log in.  Until you log in, you can't see the "Place a Bid" tab on the item's page! Site registration is free, and all you need is a working email (so we can let you know when you get the highest bid)!  By the way, registered users also get to review destinations on the site and can get our weekly Destination Inspiration email newsletter! To register as a site user, click here.

How do you get these items for bid?

Part of our mission as a website is to provide support for the entire travel industry, including the smallest travel businesses (they often provide the most interesting experiences).  We offer our advertising on site, which they pay for by donating the items that we put up for bid.  It's a great deal for them, and a great deal for you!

If I want something, do I have to bid, or can I just buy it?

We have very few of many of the items on TripBids, and most of them are one-of-a-kind.  It's only fair to give everybody a shot, so the only way to get these is with the highest bid!

How do I get information and details on a bid item?

There is a list of items on the TripBids page with a synopsis of the product, a photo, and a link to the item's full page (just like any other e-commerce site).  

All of the details on what every item includes are listed right on the item's page (kind of like any other e-commerce site) , as well as anything important information (when flights are not included, or if blackout dates apply).  We also include links out to the item's provider so you can review as much as you'd like before you bid.

Alongside all the product details you'll find all the info you need to know to make an informed bid:  the retail value, the current bid, the minimum bid increment, and the date and time when the bidding closes.

The "Bids" tab will show you all of the previous bids up until now.  Click on the "Place Bid" tab to make your bid.  You can bid as many times as you'd like.  Note:  You cannot see the "Place Bid" tab unless you are logged in as a registered user (that's quick, easy and FREE to do)!

How long does the auction period last?

That depends alot on what the item is, along with its retail value (we'll make the bidding period longer for a $5,000 item than for a $500 item, for example).  For most items, the auction period will be for 5 - 7 days.  Because these all probably involve travel, we want to give bidders time to figure out if this is something that works for them before they dive in.

Are all bids and purchases in US Dollars?

Yes.  We are an American based company, and working within the US banking system for all of our transactions.  If you are bidding from outside the US, we want to encourage you to do so - just please remember that the bids and the retail value you are looking at, as well as the invoice you receive if you get the highest on bid, will all be in US dollars.

How do I bid?

Bidding is quick and simple.  Just enter your bid and submit it.  Make sure it is above the minimum increment, thought, or your bid will not be accepted.

What's a good strategy to get the highest bid?

That's a really great question, and it really depends on how badly you want the item, versus how badly you want a bigger discount.  If you know how much you are willing to pay, and you really want the highest bid, a good strategy is to come in early with your highest amount, and see if you can block others from outbidding you.

If the discount is more important, it's a good strategy to wait until the last few minutes of the bid, and see if your lower bid can carry the day.

If I get the highest bid, how do I pay and get my item?

Once you get the highest bid, we will email you an invoice within 12 hours of the end of the bidding.  The invoice will contain all of the details of the item, the retail value, and the price you're paying for it.  Follow the link on the email to pay for the item on Paypal (it's a secure site, transactions are all incrypted, and you can use all major credit cards).  We do not accept cash or checks.  There are no additional fees of any kind accept for the purchase price.

Once you've paid, we will email you the e-certificate for what you've purchased, along with any other instructions you need to redeem it.

How long do I have to pay for my winning bid?

You have 24 hours from when we email you your invoice to pay for your item.  If you don't, we'll email you once to give you a last shot to buy it and if you still don't buy it, then we will put it out for bid again.

Do you keep all of the money from the bids?

No.  Our mission is to support the entire travel industry, and that includes non-profit organizations across the globe that do so much to help support and grow travel, along with the places we visit and the people who work in the industry.  To that end, we are donating 20% of the revenue from all of these purchased bid items to a different non-profit organization every month.  

If you have an organization you'd like us to support, let us know here!

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, so think before you bid!